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Saturdays & Sundays, 9.30am - 5pm 

Prahran: April 4/5/18/19, May 9/10

Frankston: Feb 29. March 1/14/15/22/28

Cost is $140 per training day 

Total Cost: $840  

(plus a pro-rata annual accreditation fee) 

Bookings are essential, deposit required

(please email for payment plan details)

Hahnemann Healing Practitioner Training

Within the realm of spiritual or energy healing is a specialized modality called Hahnemann Healing.  This modality is emotional healing and is based on the knowledge that many illnesses in the body are caused through emotions, suffered currently or back through time.

Hahnemann Healing Training

  • Is suitable for beginners or experienced healers

  • As a modality it makes a significant change in the state of a person’s emotional health therefore improving their general wellbeing

  • It is a deep, gentle and precise modality

As a practitioner you would require a belief in a power beyond earth and that that power can be tapped into and used to help heal others.  It also requires an understanding and acceptance that chemical drugs cannot and do not cure all things, but at the same time have a real role in treating those who are unwell.

If you are someone that;

  • Has a drive to heal others

  • Possess’ the desire to understand & use the power of energy as a healing modality

  • Wants to help others overcome their emotional blockages

  • Has a belief that suppressed emotions may cause illness

  • Understands the need for chemical drugs, yet can accept their limitations and at the same time wants to heal naturally through energy


Then you may like to consider becoming a healer using

this powerful spiritual energy

A Hahnemann Healer is trained over six days to understand the use of energy in a specialized way and how and where to apply it to the body of a client so as to release emotions.  It is a very precise modality and brings about significant change in the emotional state of the client.

A successful Hahnemann Healer is one who understands the power of emotions and their relationship to illness and wants to help others clear these away, not only to improve their health, but also their general state of living.

Hahnemann Healing is a modality used in Ancient Egypt and recently has once again, been made available to the world.


Stable Health - Prahran

When: Thur Jan 30th, 6.30-8pm or

Sat Feb 15th, Mar 7 - 3-4.30pm

Wholefoods Melbourne-Frankston

When: Sat Feb 8, 3-4.30pm

New Harvest Produce/Organic Greengrocer

When: TBA


COST: $20 per session (a $20 credit will be issued to all participants)

A fun informative session on Healing & Spirituality

  • Are you searching for answers, feel something is missing in your life?

  • Do you have a desire to gain personal growth and be who you're meant to be?

  • Have you explored different paths and still feel discontented with your life?

  • Do you have a "knowing" that there is more to life?

  • Do you have a desire to help other people and an interest in healing?

  • Gain clarity around practical steps you can take to bring more joy and fulfillment into your life.

  • Find out how to use meditation to connect and grow in your life.

  • Plus much more......


Tickets available via the link in event, bookings are essential for us to cater for numbers. Cost: $20, participants will then be issued a $20 credit to use towards any of our services

Free parking available, healthy refreshments available for purchase

Bookings are essential | Enquiries Welcome:

Michele Cleaver 

m: 0417425116



When: Mondays -  TBA

Time: 7-9pm

Where: Frankston OR Prahran


Bookings are essential

Are you ready to Grow & Glow?

Do you let feelings of anxiety, loneliness, stress, fear, rejection,  indecisiveness, lack of direction or any other challenging behavours stop you in your tracks?

If you are facing struggles, then you may benefit from this informative and helpful information presented in a 4 week program. It is a fabulous opportunity to grow in your life and take the next step to a joyful and loving future.

Including meditations, healing & discussion in a non-judgemental  and safe environment, topics will be based along what spirituality is and how to apply it to your life to gain personal growth. You will leave feeling refreshed, inspired and uplifted. You will be fully supported throughout and after the program.

As an introductory bonus, each participant will be offered 3 Hahnemann Healing sessions at a time suitable to them. The healing sessions are aimed at resolving underlying issues that have held you back in life that may present itself as any of the above examples.

The program is suitable for people that are looking for a sense of peace, joy and a deeper level of learning to make sense of their life.


Prahran: Saturday Feb 22, Mar 8

Frankston: Saturday, Jan 18, Feb 23

Time: 9.30am-5pm  Cost: $150 

includes information booklet plus meditation link

Bookings are essential


Understanding what it means to be Spiritual

This one day workshop is a fascinating look at the existence of the spiritual world, how each person's spirit exists here on earth and in the spirit world.

You will also discover;

  • What we are meant to learn here on earth and in the spiritual world

  • About the cycle of life

  • Karma-what it really means

  • Free will

  • What happens when the spirit enters the body at conception

  • Your spiritual support whilst on earth - guides, guardian and other entities

  • Plus so much more...

Having gained much knowledge, you will go home feeling uplifted, with a renewed outlook on life including the meaning of your life and where you want to go moving forward.

The information and the day is suitable for people interested in personal & spiritual growth  including those wanting much more from their life.


It is a higher level of learning for those wanting "more" than the basics and ready to extend their knowledge to take the next step in their journey of growth.


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